COVID-19 Vaccine Information Session

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Presented May 6, 2021, this course is a 2-hour webinar given by Dr. Cory and Dr. Tara that covers all the basics of the COVID-19 vaccines, as we knew as of May 2021. The Updates Course builds on the information presented here.

Information covered includes:

  • Immune System Basics
  • The Different COVID-19 Vaccines + How they work
  • Vaccine Efficacy + Effectiveness 
  • Effects + Side Effects of the Vaccines, including clotting + ‘viral shedding’
  • Special Populations: including previous COVID-19 infection, Long COVID, Autoimmune Disease, Pregnancy, Children
  • Assessing your personal risk/benefit
  • Testing
  • Pre + Post Vaccine Optimization Protocol including diet, lifestyle, and supplemental strategies

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